About the Author

Ruth Rutherford

Born and raised in New Jersey (insert Jersey Shore joke here), I learned early on that I’ve got my own opinions and I like telling people what they are. This has landed me in trouble more times than I can count on one hand, but it has also given me lots of great material for my writing!

Pen and paper have always been my cohorts through the daily battles of life – as editor-in-chief of my high school paper, a journalism major at Rutgers University, a struggling songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee, and through over a decade of freelance writing. Along with it came the typical freelancer’s array of odd jobs to make ends meet and make life more interesting, which included crunching numbers as a bookkeeper, folding onesies at Baby Gap, selling t-shirts at concerts, and changing diapers at a daycare center.

As I entered my thirties, I realized that I had something to say on a topic very personal: dating. It seems everyone in my life had something to say about why I’m still single. Apparently I’m too smart, too funny, too fat, too tall, too successful, too loud, too obnoxious, too intimidating, too boring… and the list goes on. I realized that with all the voices around me, I had to somehow find my own.

This started out as a dating blog. For more than three years I connected with so many other singles – men and women living out the day to day, the highs and lows, with a relationship status that somehow made them feel inferior. And I’ve appreciated so much being able to share my stories with you, and hear your stories in return. The community we’ve created together is truly inspiring.

And then, as a writer, I found myself hitting the proverbial wall (and sometimes the actual wall). It’s exhausting – and embarrassing – to write about essentially the same thing for so many years and feel no sense of change, no semblance of success. But even in spite of my pride and doubt, I was pulled beyond merely my relationship status, beyond just me. I found God changing my heart. While I still have a true empathy and compassion for the single community, I also have so much more I feel called to write and explore. I know there are so many more chapters to my story – the biggest of which is the pending adoption of my children.

So for now, I embark daily on my personal adventure. I spend my days working my dream job at a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that helps hurting people around the world find hope again. And I spend my nights and weekends living out the rest of my story – putting myself out there, trying to accept myself and others for who we truly are, and trusting God to take me through it all with grace. I put it all in his hands, hoping that every step is a step in the right direction – a step toward another opportunity to love others the way Christ loves me.