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If you’re an American kid, I can safely assume you’ve read this classic book by P.D. Eastman. Are You My Mother? is just the best book ever, right? I’ve probably read it five hundred times, equally split between my childhood and adult years. In this adorable tale, we follow sweet baby bird. After he hatches, he falls out of his nest and embarks on a quest to find his mom. He comes across many other animals. Are you my mother? The dog says no. The cow says no. The cat says no. Even the construction site backhoe says no.



In the end, baby bird finds his mom. When he sees her, he just knows it. They match. She’s got a yellow beak like him. She’s got feathers like him. She’s got wings like him. And she’s Ukrainian like him, too. (Reading between the lines here. Check out that head covering!)


I’ll always love this book. But my recent literary discovery may give Are You My Mother? a run for its money.

A few weeks ago, I spent an evening hanging out with my friend, Laura. She’s a mom of three handsome, talented, rambunctious boys. We talked a lot about my adoption. She also has a heart for adoption.

A few days later, I got a surprise Amazon delivery in my mailbox from my thoughtful friend.


Wait… Another bird? Searching for his mother?

“Plagiarism!” I whisper to myself, my college Journalism Ethics course flashing through my mind.

The bird’s name is Choco, which we can all agree is the cutest name of all time. And, like baby bird, he sets out to find his mom. The giraffe says no. The walrus says no. The penguin says no. And just when I think he’s going to hit up the construction site, Choco begins to cry.

Then Mrs. Bear overhears him. She comforts him, giving him a warm hug followed by a big kiss. She sings and dances to cheer him up.

And then, in the quiet, Mrs. Bear asked the one question her heart had been dying to ask.

Choco, maybe I could be your mother?

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.25.47 PM

Mrs. Bear and Choco don’t “match” in a typical sense.

But in all the ways that matter, they couldn’t fit together more perfectly.

I can’t wait to meet my little Choco, wrap him up in a big bear hug, give him a sloppy kiss, and sing and dance with him all the way to the cozy home I’m preparing for our family.

New favorite book!


PS: This book brings tears to my eyes. Highly recommend it! Would love more adoption-related kids’ book recommendations if you’ve got any!

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