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I’ve been itching lately to get back into creative writing and songwriting. As with any hobby, I’ve just found it difficult to find time to do it. I mean, it’s hard enough to find time to blog, let alone to write just for kicks. And most of my free time lately has been spent at war with pesky, invasive chipmunks in my backyard. But on a plane recently, I took out a pen and paper and started scribbling and quietly humming. The stranger next to me must have thought I was crazy, but I’m just glad I finished a song. It’s been a while since I could say that. Enjoy.

wedding veil

Never Your Bride

I’m the Spanish lace that never made the veil
I’m the drop of rain that threatens wedding bells
I’m the petal pulled from the rose to coat the middle aisle
For her to trample on and she walks my shoes, my mile

I’m the leaf the wind tears from the branch
Holding on but I know I don’t stand a chance
Falling down, falling fast, for yet another lonely ride
Always a bridesmaid, never your bride

Holding my bouquet, holding up her long, white train
Holding in the tears, and holding back the pain
Watching from afar, back and forth, they dance as man and wife
He catches my eye and I glimpse a different life

I’m the ship tossed around in ocean’s fury
Holding on but the storm clouds tell me worry
Falling down, falling fast, pulled by another lonely tide
Always a bridesmaid, never your bride

There in the moonlight, in front of God and family
He looks her in the eyes and says the same words he once said to me

Now I’m the ember burning in the candle ash
I’m the invitation tossed out in the trash
But when he’s laying there next to her on their wedding night
Will he even for a second feel this pain?

And when he kisses her, wrapped in his arms, holding on so tight
Will he ever for a moment say my name?