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Writer's BlockMy friend and writer extraordinaire, Lindsey, is doing research for a dating article she’s been tasked to write for a Christian publication. She’s having a hard time coming up with an angle. (Welcome to my world, right?) When you think about it, it seems that all these articles seem to run together when it comes to this topic. There’s this side of the issue, there’s that side of the issue, there’s single people who’d rather not refer to their relationship status as an issue at all… And the stories have been told. And retold. And told again.

Lindsey sent out a few questions to a group of friends as part of her research. I offered to open it up to you guys as well, because I’ve found your comments and feedback most insightful, often hilarious, thought provoking, and rarely disagreeable. (And it’s okay to disagree!)

Here are the questions. If you’ve got anything to offer, chime in!

1) What are some challenges you’ve encountered as a Christian single?

2) How do you reconcile things you consider deal breakers that are tied to your faith, with the grace to get to know someone before forming a make-or-break opinion?

3) What is something you wish your friends or family would have shared with you about dating?

4) What is one thing you wish was covered more in articles about Christian dating? (Or conversely, what do you wish people would shut up about on the topic?)

Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Hope you’re all doing well! Not too much new here. But a truck full of construction workers did whistle at me the other day as they drove by. So there’s that.