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This Valentine’s Day, I’m forced to trade in the romantic for the realistic. In trying to figure out this delicate balance, I found that no one quite understands what I’m going through like Calvin. His reflections on life and love make me feel like I’m looking in the mirror. For instance, this is basically where I stand right now in the love department.

CH Valentines

And then there’s this one…

CH Valentines 2

C’mon, guys… this next one. Too adorable!

CH Valentines 3A good dose of Calvin and Hobbes really brings this over-hyped, commercialized holiday into perspective. And it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to boot.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


P.S.: Love you, Bill Watterson! Thank you for the years and years of Calvin and Hobbes wonder you left on this earth. You are a gem.