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Put Yourself Out ThereTime for another #SummerSingle series post! This one comes from Autumn*, who is quickly realizing that the age-old advice to “put yourself out there” doesn’t make dating any easier. I know I’ve heard that advice on many an occasion. I need to get out there — meet men in different ways, in new places, under new circumstances. Well, Autumn took that challenge to the extreme, moving from Montana to Brazil. Here’s what she had to say about the adventure:

I have been following your blog for quite some time and I love your honesty in it… and your humor! I just have to share a thought with you. So, I’m sure you’ve heard it before that sometimes you just aren’t putting yourself out there enough (just like I’ve heard over and over). Well, I’ve moved to another stinking country for an adventure, and can I just say… it’s not any easier in the larger fish bowl here (compared to my sweet Montana home)! Language barriers definitely DO NOT help! But really… people are people no matter where you go. Relationships are hard, and knowing that the likelihood of a year of singleness is ahead of me, honestly, is exhausting.  But . . . maybe this adventure is just what I need, and what God needs to use to break me down to rely fully upon Him.

What do you think? Have you, like Autumn and me, heard the advice to put yourself out there more? I can see challenges either way — meeting people in your current environment or meeting people in a brand new place. Do you think the “put yourself out there” advice is sound?


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*Name changed because, well, we all saw what happened to Brazil in the World Cup. This is for Autumn’s safety.