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donutsToday’s #SummerSingle series post is from one of my favorite emails ever received. It’s from Lena* in California. I could summarize this, but it’s just too good on its own.

My six-month eHarmony subscription just expired, and I only had a few mediocre dates during my run. I’m now toying with the idea of paying for Match.com, but I can’t get myself to fork out the cash just yet. Earlier this week, however, I was matched with a guy who is adorable. He’s a doctor, he’s done missions, and he actually devoted profile space to his love of donuts. The problem is that his profile is inactive, which means he’ll never see how much I love donuts, too.

Here’s where my decisions start to get a little questionable… I Googled his job, his university, and his current city, and his LinkedIn profile was the top result. Once I knew his name, it was a cinch to find his Facebook. Is there anything I can do with this newfound discovery? This is how people get restraining orders, not dates. But if he’s not going to check his Match.com account, there’s no hope at all! If I send him a message, there’s at least a sliver, right?

If there’s one thing online dating has taught me, it’s that there will always be another man who will catch my eye. But, Ruth… donuts and missions!

Please help me figure out precisely how creepy and desperate I seem.

If this guy hasn’t snatched up this girl yet, I will make it my personal mission to get her married off. I mean, how adorable is she? If you overlook the stalker tendencies, of course. I don’t know though… I have mixed feelings about this one. I’m leaning toward liking her chutzpah.

Do what do you think? Should Lena reach out and make an appointment with the doctor?


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*Name changed just because. Email is real.