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parisAaah, Paris. The City of Love. The origin of romance. The place where cute couples stroll hand-in-hand on cobblestone streets against a grand Eiffel Tower backdrop. Well, this isn’t what Paris is like for everyone. Case in point: Today’s #SummerSingle series post from Aly. She’s actually living in the City of Love, but is experiencing zero romance. In fact, she’s had very little experience with dating at all (a more common story than most might believe). And in her twenties, she’s finding that her lack of experience is making her scared of the whole process altogether. Here’s a brief part of her story:

I’m writing to you because well, I’m feeling a little lost. I recently moved back to Paris, France. I’m [in my twenties] and . . . I’ve never been on a date. I’ve never been kissed. I’m a pretty happy girl . . . but I’ve still felt like something was missing. For about 2 years now, I’ve been feeling so much better and God has made himself known to me again. Yet, my love life remains a huge gap in my life. I don’t have a huge amount of self esteem when it comes to my romantic life. I haven’t tried online dating because I’m scared. I haven’t asked anyone out because I’m scared. Oy, I don’t even know what advice I’m asking for, but if you’ve got any, I will take it.

You guys, let’s help Aly out. I know some of you have experienced — or are experiencing right now — this seeming lack of dating experience. It can be tough to overcome and it can start to taint any chance of actually starting to date someone. Fear. Shame. Embarrassment. Loneliness. Doubt. We’ve all been there. How important is past experience in dating? Does having a lack of experience hinder future romantic relationships from developing? Got any words of advice for Aly?

Je t’embrasse…


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