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keep calm mr rightToday’s #SummerSingle series post comes from beautiful Megan in beautiful Australia. She wrote to me in frustration after hearing one too many times that her Mr. Right is “right around the corner.” Has anyone else felt the same? Do these statements bring you hope and comfort… or do they just leave you annoyed?

Here’s what Megan had to say:

I stumbled upon your blog as I typed “Christian blogs for young women” into Google. A lady had recommended you and I decided to check you out. I listened to your video on your “About” page and I agreed with everything you had to say. I’m so much of a hopeless romantic myself and I’m a Christian, who is still trying to develop a strong faith in Christ through my current and future obstacles. It’s not easy at the moment. I know, people say I’m only nearly 20 and he’s right around the corner but… they have NO idea how annoying it is to be told that virtually every year and he’s not around the corner. I blog to try to keep myself inspired and eager… and patient whilst waiting to meet my Mr. Right. There are some days when I don’t blog at all because there’s just not much to say. But when I read the first blog that popped up on your site, I chuckled. It’s like you were the voice in my head… haha.

Anyone got some words of wisdom, sympathy or empathy for this frustrated Aussie?


P.S. Share your story or question or thought or rant here! It could be featured on the next #SummerSingle post. 🙂