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My cousin and her husband had their first baby this past week. A girl. A beautiful baby girl.

Life is full!

And my good friend also had a baby this past week. Their second… a precious little boy to accompany his big sister.

Life is full of joy!

Then in the very same week, family friends said goodbye to their son. Just 23 years old, Jordan is gone too soon but living in Glory now.

Life is… 

Sometimes I can’t bear to smile through it. How is life fair?

How can one friend blissfully welcome life while another mourns its devastating loss?

How can a healthy young man get cancer?

How can a loving God allow this?

How can we reconcile joy and sorrow, peace and suffering?

God only knows. And my human mind and heart struggle to put the pieces together.

But it’s in times like these I cling to the words that Jordan’s father posted online, even in the midst of his very darkest hour:

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Philippians 1:21


Because with Jesus, life is eternal.