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It’s Christmas!

Today’s Day 12 of my self-imposed “12 Days of Single” blog challenge!


My sense of accomplishment right now is astronomically disproportionate to the actual meaning of the task at hand, but I don’t care! I just blogged for 12 days straight and I feel like a brand new woman.

farmAs part of our Christmas Day movie marathon, my family and I watched Funny Farm this afternoon. If you haven’t seen the classic 1988 flick, it follows the hilarious antics of sportswriter Andy Farmer (in my favorite Mets hat) and his wife as they settle into a farmhouse in Redbud, Vermont, so he can focus on writing a novel.

The parallels to my life are uncanny.

Even down to my mom asking,

Is this the same guy from Tres Amigos?

“Yes, Mom. It’s Chevy Chase.”

When his character first sets up his upstairs office, he’s as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning. He positions his typewriter alongside a picturesque window that overlooks an idyllic birdhouse. It’s the perfect spot to write, the perfect spot to be inspired with the sweet melodies of birdsong in the background.

But then things happen.


Crazy mailmen.

Boating mishaps.

Runaway dogs.

Human skeletons buried in the backyard.

And your own spouse getting a publishing deal before you.

Pretty soon that birdhouse isn’t as inspiring as it used to be.

Man, have I felt exactly what Andy Farmer felt. It’s not easy to be a writer. The first chapter is a breeze, but the 200th blog post can get tiresome. Creativity can take a back seat to daily routines, standstill traffic, and career and family obligations.

You know what I’ve learned? Christmas magic stretches beyond the snow and the reindeer and the North Pole. This holiday, I regained a little bit of inspiration, too. By completing this simple task of blogging for 12 days in a row, I’ve rekindled the embers of a dream — the dream to write a book. Where I once threw hot coffee onto cute, chirping birds, I now throw birdseed and even whistle the occasional jolly tune. I am an author once again, whether or not I fit into the publishing industry’s definition of the term.


Thanks to all of you who have continually (or even sporadically) read my blog. It’s more appreciated than you know! As I take the next week off from writing to close out the year with family, I prepare to embark on a long-awaited dream of writing a book. You see, just like Andy Farmer, I’ve been passed over by more than a few publishers. When the lunatic mailman comes flying by my house, those are rejection letters flying out his car window.

And it’s okay.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

What doesn’t happen the way you hope it’ll happen sometimes pushes you to try something new, something crazy, something outside of the box.

So onward and upward, I’ve decided to self-publish my own eBook on dating and singleness. I hope to release it this spring. Hold me to it, folks! I would have never finished these “12 Days of Single” without the fear of failure pushing me forward each day — oh, and the sheer delight of providing reading pleasure to you, my readers, of course.

So I invite you to join me in closing out the year well. Let’s love one another, show gratitude for all that God has done, and dream big dreams for the days ahead.

Then let’s enter the New Year with hope, excitement, and perhaps a newly-written goal that’s worth not only achieving, but also the striving along the way.

Merry Christmas, everyone!