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I’ll keep it short tonight because it’s Christmas Eve and the odds of anyone reading this are slim to none. No bother. I write for me, too, you know. I write to process events, to get things off my chest and to explore my creativity. It’s not all about you, people! (Just kidding. Please read this and comment and tell me you love me.)

My biggest takeaway from today is that friendship matters. On this Day 11 of the “12 Days of Single” blog challenge (almost done!), I met a good friend for coffee early in the morning. And when I mean good, I mean lifelong. I was in Erica’s wedding 16 years ago. (How is that possible? I’m only 24, right?) We knew each other as children growing up in church. We hung out as teenagers in youth group, shared cabins at summer camp, and dressed up as clowns together at Vacation Bible School. (I would post that photo, but I just can’t seem to find it…)

We met at Starbucks because Erica is now too much of a diva to drink anything else. She took her coffee black because only idiots put cream or sugar into perfectly good coffee. We sat for over two hours just catching up, reminiscing, chatting, caring.

The thing is, there are some friends that last forever. It doesn’t matter if you live in different states, or one has been married for nearly two decades and the other is still single, or if one has become a pretentious coffee snob that won’t drink New Jersey diner coffee anymore even though it’s what she was raised on. (I kid!)

Friendship is important.

Friendship takes effort.

Friendship matters.

I’m grateful to have a friend who has stuck with me through it all, hasn’t judged me for sporadic lapses in communication, and has always graciously welcomed me back to pick up where we left off.

On this Christmas Eve, I’m challenged to be a better friend to those around me.

May I love better.

May I listen longer.

And may I laugh much, much more.

After all, life’s too short to do anything else.


P.S.Β Who am I kidding? I knew where the photo was all along. Only a true friend would wear the clown costume my mom made and entertain children with balloon animals and face painting in the summer sun all day. (Disclaimer: The only balloon animals we can make are dogs and swords. The only face painting options are a smiley face, a sun or a cross.) Pictured here are Erica (left), my slightly embarrassed Dad (center), and yours truly (right). Good times, great oldies.

clowns at vbs

{Stay tuned for the remaining installment of the β€œ12 Days of Single” blog challenge. Tomorrow’s the last post in the series. Get psyched!}