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Day 5 of the “12 Days of Single” blog challenge wasn’t exactly what I’d call exciting. It wasn’t bad, per se, but there was nothing exciting to call out. I did have a nice pre-Christmas dinner with my brother and his wife, which was lovely. But for the 13 hours before that, this was basically my view:


Yep, it was definitely a work day. The kind where your eyes get fuzzy from staring at a computer screen and your hands start to hurt from typing too much.

Today I didn’t get a free piano.

Today I didn’t get VIP treatment in a United Club airport lounge.

Today I didn’t stroll the beautiful streets of Pasadena, California.

Today I worked. And I worked hard.

Days like these remind me of the many married friends I have who tell me the same thing over and over:

Live it up while you still can!

Apparently after you get hitched and have kids, all fun stops. Boring sets in and the only thing to do is accept it and make the best of it — knitting needles in hand and Facebook feeds filled with random Pinterest house decor ideas.

Obviously we know this isn’t true, right? Married people and parents can have tons of fun if they choose to, but the parameters around that fun naturally change. No one expects the mother of a toddler to be able to stay out until midnight. No one expects a husband to ditch his wife and go drinking every night with his buddies. (And he’d better not!)

I think the funnier implication here is that singles always have fun. As if to say that because I don’t have a ring on my finger or a baby on my hip, the only alternative is that I’m partying it up somewhere having the time of my life. My only response to married people that say that?

Are you kidding me?!

We singles have boring aspects to our lives, too. Trust me. Just ask my friend Michelle in Nashville, Tennessee! Kidding aside, we singles have careers and responsibilities and aging bodies that just get exhausted from it all.

Do you really think that after a long day at work I just wanna hit the dance floor like J.Lo and “get down?” Yeah right! I’ll settle to moonwalk the 20 feet from my front door to my bed and then forget the world for eight hours.

Do you really think that after a few days of constant travel for work I want to try to look pretty and mingle with guys at a bar? Ha! I’d rather grab a Smirnoff from my fridge and mingle with President Fitzgerald Grant.

Do you really think that after crunching numbers on spreadsheets for six hours straight I want to walk around downtown and admire the Christmas lights? Oh, please. I saw my neighbor’s Christmas lights when I came home and that’s enough for me.

Do you really think that after a long, long day at work I actually want to try to come up with a blog post about how cool it is to be single and free and carefree?

Hmmm. Good question… and goodnight!


{Stay tuned for the remaining installments of the “12 Days of Single” blog challenge. I’ll be posting a new blog every day from now until Christmas!}