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Day 3 of “12 Days of Single” tore me away from my newly acquired upright piano for a work trip. Traveling is fun for a lot of reasons, but mainly as the perfect venue for people watching, a hobby I’m terribly fond of. Roughly 2,747 miles separate me from where I was just this morning, and along the way I definitely saw a wide variety of human beings.

Now here I sit, typing away on my iPhone in a cab, trying to get this post up before I either fall asleep or throw up. With the way this LA cab driver somehow turns perfectly straight roads into winding ones, I’m getting ready for the latter. As I write, I can’t help but think of how small I am in comparison to this big world. It’s a bit overwhelming, actually.

What are we up to now? Just upwards of 7 billion folks on the planet?

What’s the population of earth?

World Population Clock says 7.199 billion. (In related news, 341,000 people were born so far today, while only 200,500 people kicked the bucket. Great day for population growth!)

Out of all those people around the entire globe, here I am. Blogging. About dating. And being single. And the amazing chocolate and yogurt covered raisins I enjoyed in the United Club at Dulles Airport in DC. And the beautiful array of real life, actual, black-finger-staining newspapers!

photo 1

photo 2

For whatever reason, I suddenly feel really insignificant. I feel small, and my thoughts on life and love feel superfluous.

Who cares who I date (besides my mom)? Who cares if I ever marry? Who cares if I choose to embrace the single life forever, buy a lake house in New England, and sequester myself to write for the next 20 years?

Not to get all cheesy Christian on you, but God does. Truly. He cares about my heart just as much as he cares about the hearts of the other 7 billion of his kids.

This heart of mine is a complex thing, though. It’s the window to my soul, yes — the well where my faith springs up and my belief comes to life. But my heart is more than just the spiritual, as important as that is. My heart holds my emotions, triggers my feelings, attempts to contain my passions, and fertilizes my deepest dreams and desires. My heart beats to keep me alive in so many unique and marvelous ways.

I believe God cares about each and every heartbeat. Which means he does care about what sometimes might seem insignificant.

Even beyond that, I care. Me. Ruth cares about Ruth. I don’t want to just stroll through life and see what happens. I’m not a hippie pothead who just wants to take it easy and pray for peace. Life is a gift and I want to live it with purpose. I care.

So on this here Day 3 of my blog challenge, I’m challenged by the thousands of people I saw today on the road, in airports, on airplanes, and at that one Pennsylvania Starbucks where the barista and I had a riveting conversation about why Starbucks is single-handedly trying to kill the gingerbread latte by adding molasses syrup on top. Just flying into LAX, I couldn’t help but marvel at the miles and miles of lights, representing millions and millions of people, each with his or her own desires, dreams, fears, and hopes.

photo (5)

There are so many of us, but each and every one is living a life that is meant to mean something big — something huge. I hope to live a life with intentionality. I hope to care about others purely. I hope to shine light into dark places. Above all else, I hope to love.

May your travels near and far open your eyes to the great significance of this life… and the great opportunity we have to live it well.


{I’d like to point out that it’s not even 10 p.m. on the West Coast, so technically I’m still on Day 3! Stay tuned for the remaining installments of the “12 Days of Single” blog challenge. I’ll be posting a new blog every day from now until Christmas!}