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It’s snowing in New Jersey right now and it’s beautiful. It’s funny how a few flakes of frozen water falling from the sky can suddenly put you into the Christmas spirit. I’ve been humming carols all morning.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

But then again, I’m humming all alone. Drinking my morning cup o’ joe all alone. Watching 27 birds attack the bird feeder all alone.

Because no matter how many snowflakes flutter by my window and how many times I watch Buddy scream “Congratulations! World’s Best Cup of Coffee!” on Elf, I’m still single. And being single at the holidays is… interesting.

I’m not saying it’s necessarily bad. It’s not like I’m curled up in the fetal position underneath the Christmas tree each night crying myself to sleep. But spending the holidays alone is definitely a challenge — and, in some ways, a blessing.

So I’m setting out on a self-imposed blog challenge I’ve cleverly titled “12 Days of Single.”

You see, starting today there are 12 days until Christmas. People everywhere will be counting turtle doves and french hens and swans-a-swimming, but I don’t care about such things. Why would I want to watch maids-a-milking, anyway? We are referring to cows here, right? Furthermore and henceforth, we all know I ain’t got even one golden ring, let alone five. Stop rubbing it in, annoying Christmas carol!

So instead of wasting my precious time trying to get pipers to just pipe down already, I will attempt to document the life of a single around the holidays — with one post each day from now until Jesus’ birthday. It’ll be an inside look at what it’s like to be me — an unmarried woman (No! Gasp! Say it ain’t so!) — during the most wonderful time of the year.

Feel free to join in! I’ll be supplementing my blogs as often as possible with pictures, quotes, and little nuggets of holiday cheer and disdain throughout each day on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you don’t follow me, now’s your chance:

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Join me!

Here goes Day 1. I’m off to The Big Apple with my friend, Leah, to see the tree, cross some items off our Christmas shopping lists, eat way too much, and basically freeze our behinds off. I’ve prepped myself with leggings under my jeans, fur-lined snow boots, and a bunch of those little warming packets my brothers use for hunting.

I’m going into what I like to call “The Lion’s Den” — otherwise known as “Christmas in Manhattan.” I’m sure to be barraged by annoying couples getting engaged at Rockefeller and making out in Times Square. Give me a break already! I’m just trying to make it to the M&M store without being laughed at and ridiculed for not having a man to hold my mitten-covered hand. Here’s hoping I survive without punching out a pair of lovebirds or draining my entire bank account to feed the NYC retail market.

For now, I leave you with a picture of Rudolph I took last night, enjoying a hearty helping of birdseed literally 15 feet from my kitchen window.


Some folks leave cookies for Santa, and I call those folks idiots. We all know Santa can’t get anywhere without Rudolph, and, more importantly, the more cookies for me, the merrier Christmas is for everyone!

Have a great Day 1!