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vote-here-signIf you haven’t heard, I’m a Top 10 Finalist in Barna Group‘s contest for the 10th Frame — the final book in their innovative Barna FRAMES series. Other FRAMES authors include Bob Goff, David Kinnaman, David H. Kim, Jeff Medefind and Claire Diaz-Ortiz! As a finalist, I was tasked to write an essay that captures the essence of my book idea. The winner gets to expand their idea into a full-fledged, real, actual BOOK!

My idea is “Dating Well” — how Christian singles can date with integrity and faith even in the midst of harsh criticism and unrealistic pressure from both church and society.

Here’s how you can read my essay (along with the nine other essays from my fabulous fellow finalists). If you like my idea, please vote! It would be a thrill and an honor to develop this idea of “Dating Well” into a book for you.

Visit the Barna Frames Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/barnaframes). Click the VOTE button at the top of the page. (Sorry, this only appears to work from computers… not phones.)

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Then click the VOTE button again…

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Then find my essay and read it! If you’d like this idea developed into an actual book, PLEASE CLICK VOTE! (You only get one vote, so choose carefully.)

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Voting is open for three weeks. As always, I appreciate your support more than you know! I have way less readers / followers than the other finalists… so I’m really hoping this idea takes off based on its merit and relevance in today’s culture. I think we’re onto something here. THANK YOU for helping make this happen!