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A healthy dose of pure honesty: I’m so impressed with Barna Group‘s new book series concept and I really, really want to be part of it. (Really!) I believe my idea is something that can benefit the community we’ve built here, so I’m asking you to vote for my idea by retweeting it! (Sorry, non-Tweeters. This contest is limited to Twitter.) VOTING INFO BELOW… but first, a little bit about this über cool concept.

Barna Group is releasing a groundbreaking book series called FRAMES. Check out this promo video for the series (which really gets this writer’s heart pumping!).

Nine of the Frames have already been written by fabulously innovative authors, and Barna Group is running a contest on Twitter to find the concept and author for the 10th FRAME. (Super cool idea!)

So what’s my 100-character idea for the 10th FRAME?

It’s what we discuss on this blog all the time — the world of dating has changed. As Christians, the answer isn’t to hole ourselves up in a bubble and continue doing things the same way. Nor is the answer to just throw our hands in the air and conform to the way everyone else in society is doing it. The answer as I see it involves educating ourselves about the trends, understanding why dating has evolved as it has, and adapting our approach to both relate to today’s dating scene and maintain our integrity. (Yes, it’s possible to do both!)

VOTE for my idea to be the 10th FRAME by clicking the retweet button under the above tweet! (You can also get to the tweet by clicking here.) Hopefully this idea resonates and I get the opportunity to write more about it in the 1,000-word essay! I used to love writing essays back in school. (Uh oh, SGA! Serious Geek Alert!)

Finally, if YOU have an idea for the 10th FRAME, share it below along with a link to your Twitter page. When it comes to these important conversations: the more, the merrier!

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P.S. FRAMES releases January 7, 2014, but you can pre-order it now!