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To have and to hold.

From this day forward.

For better, for worse.

For richer, for poorer.

In sickness and in health.

Until death do us part.

These words took on a whole new meaning when I saw this video.

[Video link: https://vimeo.com/59208864]

On this quest for love that many of us are on, we long for something we don’t know. Some of us may have known it at one point, then lost it at the hands of divorce or death. Some of us (two thumbs pointed at this guy) have never experienced a love so deep, so strong — the kind that leads two people to stand in front of God and their families and commit to love each other forever and ever.

As an outsider, I watch like a little bird, chirping my little thoughts on the pages of this blog. I watch the couples walk by kissing, laughing, whispering sweet nothings. I watch the husband push a stroller, the wife hang on to a dog’s leash as they make their regular trek for Saturday morning brunch. I watch the man and woman stare longingly into one another’s eyes while holding hands across the dinner table in a dimly lit restaurant.

But the outskirts afford me a vantage point that sees the opposite side, too — the side no one likes to see. I watch the couples yelling at each other, flinging words of hate and resentment like they’re nothing at all. I watch the woman cry because the man she loves chose to sleep with another woman, to break his vows in such a painful, selfish way. I watch the wife take her husband’s sense of security and courage and crush it with the simple words, I don’t love you anymore.

And then there’s me, sitting here alone. Still longing for a hand to hold, for a kiss goodnight. But wondering if in today’s world there’s any hope left for a love that can truly last. Because the valleys are bound to come — the dark days, the hard times. And when that happens, I pray that I have someone like Bill in this video, who has stayed by his wife’s side when the going got tougher than I’ve ever experienced. I want someone that will fight for me — fight for us — for worse, for poorer, in sickness… just as much as in better, for richer, in health. But more importantly, I pray that I can be like Bill, too.

Because right now that’s the only thing I can control. I don’t know who my future husband is, and sometimes I feel like my search for him is as impossible as trying to find a needle in one thousand haystacks. But what I can control is the person I am, the person I will be.

“You see, God has loved us so unconditionally,” says Bill. “And I understand that God has put his love in my heart. And because I realize how much God has loved me, that’s how I, too, can love my lovely wife.”

I want to be like Bill.

I want to be like Jesus.


[Video credit: This and other amazing, touching and thought-provoking videos courtesy of the talented hands and big hearts at cvcnow. Follow them on Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter.]