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When sadness falls, when sunlight fades
When brightest morn turns darkest day
When wicked comes, when evil preys
Lord, have mercy

Children so sweet, so innocent
Far, far too few the days they spent
On playground soil, in blanket tents
Lord, have mercy

A mother wails, a father cries
A grief so strong brings joy’s demise
Like rain it falls, sorrow from skies
Lord, have mercy

Families crumble as love is torn
A town is wrecked, a nation mourns
A hurt so deep, new pain is born
Lord, have mercy

As each tear falls, as each heart breaks
The holy ground of heaven shakes
The very heart of God, it aches
Lord, have mercy

To empathize, he is the one
He too buried his precious son
A pain immense, a heart undone
Lord, have mercy

In times like these questions are raised
How could this be the world he made?
Has he not heard the words we’ve prayed?
Lord, have mercy

But when we do not understand
We rest in his almighty hand
And think upon the promised land
Lord, have mercy

For in that place, our heav’nly home
These children now playfully roam
Running through fields of pure shalom
Lord, have mercy

Jesus kisses their every cheek
They play with angels hide-and-seek
They laugh, they splash in heaven’s creek
Lord, have mercy

We rest in knowing they are safe
We rest though darkest are these days
We rest in the Lord’s sweet embrace
Lord, have mercy

A candle lit for Allison
For Jack, Ana and Josephine
For Charlotte and for Benjamin
Lord, have mercy

A flame burns strong through mighty wind
For Avielle and Catherine
For Daniel, Noah and Dylan
Lord, have mercy

A vigil held for Emilie
Olivia, James and Jesse
For Madeline, in memory
Lord, have mercy

A bright reminder of sweet Grace
Caroline, Jessica and Chase
Of every smile on every face
Lord, have mercy

For the teachers, a heav’nly song
Rachel, Lauren, Anne Marie, Dawn
Victoria, Mary, so strong
Lord, have mercy

And so we wait for that great day
When every tear is wiped away
When darkness will forever fade
Lord, have mercy

Jesus with Children

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes.
There will be no more death
or mourning or crying or pain,
for the old order of things has passed away.”
Revelation 21:4