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Remember my recent response to Jennifer’s letter? That post has received a lot of feedback, mostly from:

        1. Readers whose hearts go out to Jennifer, who want her to know she is loved and beautiful; and
        2. Readers who feel exactly what Jennifer is feeling: ugly, unwanted, replaceable.

This morning I found in my inbox a message from Sheila, a reader from Texas. She falls into the “a” category, as her heart broke for Jennifer. But her heart also broke for all those who fall into the “b” category. These emotions spurred Sheila to design this beautiful piece of art to share with all of us.

    • Read it
    • Save it as your phone screensaver
    • Print it and tape it up on your bathroom mirror
    • Post it on your Facebook wall
    • Share it on Twitter

But most importantly, believe it.

Because it’s the truth.