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By Ruth Rutherford

Cold front rolling in
The weather is changing
The fashion gods call for
Wardrobe rearranging

From flip flops to boots
Our feet must rollover
Such is the beauty
Of a Northeast October

My bright scarf collection
Makes its annual debut
My navy blue mittens
My patent leather shoes

The best season by far
For adventures in fashion
For braving the cold
To make cozy my passion

But as the corner is turned
A stubbed toe, a splinter
Around autumn’s bend
Comes the cruelty of winter

Tried and true Jersey girl
I’m not fazed by the snow
I like sledding, snowball fights
Fireside chats, hot cocoa

It’s the cold that will get me
A frigid wind that can take
Me from strong independence
To the brink of heartbreak

And to top it all off
In a season so unkind
Lies Christmas and New Year’s
And, the worst, Valentine’s

As a singleton, I
Find this holiday placement
A complete disregard
For the romantically latent

Still I prep for the freeze
With the warmest of sweaters
A wool jacket to fend off
The tormenting weather

But no pile-on of clothing
No fireplace burning
Can warm every part
Of this woman still yearning

For this writer to pen
From her life’s musty attic
Of her cold, lonely heart
Would be far too dramatic

It’s simpler, you see
An affection belated
A commitment not voiced
An “I love you” not stated

Because with seasons’ changes
With weather that may linger
It’s always bitter cold
On my left hand ring finger