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I sat down at my computer on several occasions today to blog, but something in my spirit just didn’t feel right. I thought of lots of different ideas to write about:

    • A woman I recently saw on the news with a rare body disorder who is redefining beauty;
    • The current dating rut desert canyon I find myself in; or
    • The stranger who wrote into my blog yesterday simply to ask if I was a virgin.  (Yes, that actually happened.)

All of these topics would’ve made for fine blog posts, I suppose. But I just couldn’t bring myself to get them down in words. My cursor would just sit there, blinking at me as if saying, I ain’t gettin’ any younger…

The truth is, my heart isn’t in it because my heart isn’t here. It happens to be 700 miles away in Nashville, Tennessee, where my friend Chelsea is currently fighting for her life at Vanderbilt Hospital. And though there are lots of things tugging at my heart today, she is by far the strongest. And that is as it should be.

This past Friday — at just 26 years old — Chelsea suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. It’s a scary situation and there are so many unknowns. What I do know for certain is she is surrounded by love. Her family is with her, along with the largest, most dedicated group of friends and prayer warriors that hospital has ever seen. They’ve affectionately coined themselves “Team Chelsea.”

And God is with her. She’s resting in his loving embrace right there in that cold hospital room, listening to him gently whisper, “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you” (Isaiah 41:10).

It’s hard not being back in Nashville. It’s hard not knowing everything that’s going on. I find myself suddenly thankful for Facebook because at least I’m getting updates on how she’s doing. I can’t be there to squeeze Chelsea’s hand right now or to hug her mom’s neck. So I offer what I can — my words. And a simple request for prayer.

Because with God there is always hope.

Will you join me in prayer for Chelsea today and in the coming days and weeks? I know you may not know her. But in actuality, you do. Think of that one person in your life who is simply beautiful, both inside and out — that’s Chelsea. Think of that kid you know with a contagious-and-sometimes-mischievous smile — that’s Chelsea. Think of that ball of energy and life and dreams that sometimes tires you out — that’s Chelsea. Think of that friend who always puts you first, even before his or her own needs — that’s Chelsea.

Chelsea is a child of God, which makes her our sister. And family sticks together. Please join me in prayer for her complete healing.

Thank you for allowing me this diversion from my normal blogging routine. I promise I’ll get back to the usual subject matter. Because Lord knows Chelsea wouldn’t want me to ignore the fact that a stranger wrote in to ask me about my sexual activity. (Can you say restraining order?)

With gratitude,