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How far are you willing to go to find true love? Would you cross the deepest ocean, climb the highest mountain? Would you trek the barren desert, brave the steepest canyon?

Apparently, in Ukraine all you have to do is take a nap.

According to Yahoo! News, a top Kiev museum is offering art lovers (and perverts) the opportunity to view a new interactive exhibit called “Sleeping Beauty.” What will they see? Five attractive women taking turns sleeping under dim lights.

Interesting, yes. Groundbreaking, no. Just the other day I saw “live” mannequins in store windows donning cool styles for Georgetown’s “Fashion’s Night Out.”
(I was unsuccessful in making any of them laugh, by the way.)

What sets artist Taras Polataiko’s exhibit apart is the creep factor. Fasten your seat belts. Any unmarried museum-goer can kiss Sleeping Beauty in the hope of making her fall in love and awaken. It’s a full-on kissing booth, without the popcorn, Ferris wheels, or clowns teetering around on stilts. This grosses me out, mainly because Beauty’s eyes are closed and any myriad of strangers (and their corresponding mouth diseases) can touch her face with their lips.

I mean, it could be this guy…

So apart from the diseases Sleeping Beauty may get from random strangers, the artist decided to up the creep factor a couple notches by making each beauty pledge to marry the visitor who wakes her with a kiss. The visitors must sign a marriage pledge, too. None of it is legally binding. But it’s still legally creeptastic.

Near the end of the three-week exhibit, only one Sleeping Beauty had woken up to a kiss — only to discover that her Prince Charming was actually a princess, with a boyfriend of her own.

“Liza, a 23-year-old public relations manager, didn’t dare open her eyes to any kisses,” said the Yahoo! News article, “but later regretted it — discovering that one of the men was very attractive.” Dang hindsight. Or regular ol’ sight, for that matter.

Nothing was more awkward than when a man from a provincial Ukrainian town knelt down and wept because Sleeping Beauty didn’t wake up from his kiss. The artist teared up as well. (I’m sure Beauty was tearing up as well… from sheer fright.)

And then there was the sleazy American man who made the disturbing exhibit even more disturbing by gifting Sleeping Beauty with “a brand new iPad, his email address and $400 to buy a ticket to visit him.” Um, NO. (Although a new iPad would be nice…)

The questions remains: How desperate are you to find love? How desperate am I?

Online dating? Sure.

Speed dating? Why not?

Blind dates? Count me in.

Being set up by friends? Been there, done that.

Meeting strangers while out and about? Yep.

Laying down with my eyes closed and letting the lips of strangers touch my face? The buck stops here.

As much as I do want to find my Prince Charming, I am hell-bent on doing it with my eyes wide open. Awake. Standing upright. And without the risk of contracting lip herpes from strangers, thank you very much.