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I’ve hit a milestone, folks! I’m thrilled to have reached one year of blogging and 100 posts. To celebrate, I’ve written a poem filled with links to 15 of my favorite or most popular posts. To my readers, I have truly enjoyed taking this journey with you. And I look forward to what tomorrow brings. Thank you!

It’s been a year since I began
To let my heart bleed out
Onto the page, onto the screen
My joys, my fears, my doubt

On dating I am quite the pro
Relationships, not quite
The journey, though, is worth the risk
Of sharing what I write

The question always on my mind
Where is my dear soul mate?
Why did that pilot that I liked
Not want a second date?

The lawyer who once took me out
Successful, kind was he
No sparks, no click, nothing concrete
Wonder, What’s wrong with me?

That time I met the cutest guy
His eyes blue as the sea
Only to learn he would assist
My colonoscopy

Why don’t they work, these dates of mine?
Why does hope die so quick?
Perhaps I should investigate
To find what makes men click

Set out to find the reason why
Men often leave me lonely
I picked the brain of none other than
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Robots, Martians, large buns of hair
My study was a fail
Men are just hard to understand
Like nasty, long toenails

Yet I’ll take toenails any day
Over those addicted
To endless texting on their phones
Thumbs tired and afflicted

Where, I ask, is my dear hubbie?
For him, where must I go?
One day I thought I spotted him
On the D.C. Metro

The train, though fast, was slower than
Speed dating proved to be
Met lots of guys, some nice, most strange
At least stranger than me

One match emailed to ask me out
For coffee that Sunday
To my surprise he asked my friend
To brunch on the same day!

These stories make me laugh and cry
My journey is unique
For every valley I’ve walked through
I’ve climbed to mountain’s peak

Through one hundred posts I sure have had
A blogging celebration
When WordPress named me “Freshly Pressed”
I screamed in sheer elation

Another post was popular
Though not for writing chops
But ‘cause boys like to type “big boobs”
Into the Google box

I’ll take the traffic, nonetheless
Can’t pick and choose and switch
Because “too picky” is just why
Most say I’m not yet hitched

Women and beauty, oh the fight
I penned this useless war
Who knew Ashley Judd read my blog?
Her re-tweet made me soar!

In just one year I’ve come so far
I’ve learned to seek, not hide
And I have all of you to thank
For standing by my side

And although single I still am
To faith I will hold fast
I press on in hope, in prayer to find
A marriage that will last

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