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“Women are crazy.”

“Women are weird.”

“I will never understand women!”

You may have heard these statements before, often from the mouths of men. These statements are generalizations, stereotypes. They’re clearly an exaggeration — frankly, flat-out lies.

And then we meet Anita Chakraburtty, a Sydney woman who has her entire wedding planned for April 7, 2013. The dress, the location, the rings. You name it. She’s just missing one little thing: a groom.

Watch Australia’s Sunrise program’s news coverage of this mind-boggling story here:

When my friend Sarah shared this story with me (rightfully convinced it was blogworthy), I died laughing. And then found myself saying the exact statements I once claimed as blasphemy:

“Women are crazy.”

“Women are weird.”

“I will never understand women!” (and I am one!)

This 42-year-old astrologist is convinced that the planets will align and she will find her future husband in October or November of this year. Anita has set the wedding date, bought her dress, and chosen the ceremony location and even the decor of the house she and her future hubbie will live in.

After hearing Anita’s story, do you also find yourself saying, Women are crazy?

Because guess what? You might be just as crazy as Anita.

Ever heard of Pinterest? It’s an enormously popular online bulletin board with 23 million users (up from one million just a year ago!). Pinterest is meant to act as a literal showcase of things you love, want or aspire to be. If you see something online that you like, you simply “pin it” to your personally organized boards. Then these items are socialized by sharing, re-pinning and other social-media-voodoo trickery. According to a report by The Today Show, “a quick review of the site reveals that recipes, wedding planning, fashion and home décor are among the most prevalent categories.”

And the interesting thing about the thousands upon thousands of “wedding boards” on Pinterest? A large percentage of these women are not even engaged yet. Some — (Lord, help us) — are not even dating!

Yet, like Anita, they plan.

Wedding cake? Check.

Wedding rings? Check.

Reception table centerpieces? Check.

Do-it-yourself wedding invitations? Check.

Recycled light bulb vases? Check.

And the list goes on and on and on. Each board has photo after photo pinned up for all to see. Every details is covered, from wedding gowns to guest seating charts, from boutonnières for the groomsmen to the “just married” sign on the getaway car. It’s all planned. No input from the future husband needed. He just shows up with his wallet, I guess.

And you’re telling me Anita is crazy?

Now, I’ll be honest with you all — I’m  a planner. I love weddings. I love flowers. I love decorations. But when I see these Pinterest boards, nausea quickly sets in. These girls are making weddings out to be something they’re simply not meant to be. Weddings are not about:

  • showing off
  • being the “most creative” or the “most unique”
  • proving you’re a do-it-yourself craft queen
  • having the “it” gown or “it” diamonds
  • looking the most beautiful
  • planning every detail and letting your future groom just step in

Anita! Pinterest ladies! Listen to me! A wedding is special, yes. But it’s just one day of the rest of your life. More important than planning that one day is making sure you are choosing the right man to marry — someone you love, someone who loves you, someone who shares your values, faith and life goals.

Please. I beg of you. Don’t spend time planning your wedding now. It’s silly and — no matter how many re-pins and “likes” you get on Pinterest — it makes you look like a complete weirdo. And God forbid your future mate sees that board while you’re dating. Can you say, major red flag?!

Instead of choosing flowers and ring bearer pillows and bridesmaid dresses, spend time living your life now. Work hard, grow in your faith, cultivate relationships (both romantic and otherwise). I have to believe the rest will fall into place.

And then, when the day of your engagement comes, sit down with your future husband and decide what you both want for your wedding day. And enjoy that new adventure together.


P.S. To watch the above video on YouTube, click here.

P.P.S. This is my 100th post! Whoop whoop!