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While drowning in food and fun at my family reunion last week, I somehow managed to steal away for a few minutes to sit down my grandparents for a little chat. They’ve been married a long time — twice as long as I’ve been alive. And I wanted to know their secret.

My grandparents have lived through a lot. As children, their families left the persecution and famine of Russia and Ukraine. They lived for nearly 30 years in China under communism, suffering through hunger, poverty and religious persecution — all the while trusting God to bring them through. Their prayers were answered when they finally migrated to freedom in Australia, and then Canada. One hundred books — let alone one paragraph — could never convey the valleys of darkness they journeyed through. Their story is powerful and it’s one I hope to one day have the honor to share.

For now, I’ll focus on their relationship with each other. I am, after all, 31 and single. And I often wonder what it would be like to be with the same person for as long as they’ve been together — 63 years. It’s so foreign to me. So beautiful.

So I asked them to reveal the secret to their long marriage. My grandpa (Dido) may get off topic a bit and he may tell me to give up on finding a husband. I’m not exactly sure. I get lost in translation and Slavic accents. And my grandma (Baba) may take a while to speak up, but when she does, she has a lot to say. But if you can look past the grainy video feed and terrible sound, I hope you will see their hearts. And I hope you can learn the same lessons I did from this short interview.

There is value in living a simple, Christian life.

And there is power in prayer.

Watch the 9-minute interview here:

Thank you, Baba and Dido. I love you.


P.S. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.