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For those of you not familiar with Twitter, here’s the quick lowdown: It’s an online bulletin board where you post, or “tweet,” your thoughts. You can follow other people and read their thoughts. People can follow your thoughts, too. If you like someone’s thought, you can “retweet” it for all your followers to read. If something is posted a lot, it’s called a “trend.” Hashtags (#) are used to label certain words or phrases to make them easily trackable and shareable. In just 72 words, that’s basically what Twitter is all about.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to today’s blog post.

Yesterday’s top 10 Twitter trends included this doozie: #CheatingIsOkayIf

When I saw this, my eyes immediately rolled and I let out a deep sigh, for the sad state of society, for our crooked culture, for the abandonment of all things holy.

Anything that achieves trending status on Twitter is clearly popular. Tweeted, retweeted, quoted — you name it. As I scanned the hashtag results, I was — to my utter shock — actually surprised! What I saw was encouraging. The vast majority of the responses were adamantly opposed to cheating. Call me a cynic, but I expected the exact opposite. Here’s a sampling of the tweets I read, for your reading pleasure as well. Consider these virtual retweets, if you will.

@BrodyBower #CheatingIsOkayIf ? This is the top trend? Society’s so stupid nowadays. Cheating’s NEVER okay. Stay FAITHFUL or stay single. GET REAL!

@OverAttachedGF_ #CheatingIsOkayIf you want me to cut your balls off πŸ™‚

@fallinginlove #CheatingIsOkayIf cheating is never okay. Not happy? Just leave. There’s no need to cheat.

@Gacktstream #CheatingIsOkayIf you push up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A, Select, Start on the menu screen. #nintendo

@KhrizDiamond #CheatingIsOkayIf… WTF? Cheating is bad & NEVER okay, if you want to be with someone else,Leave your current relationship but NEVER Cheat.

@Elliot_Farrell #CheatingIsOkayIf NEVER. whoever started this trend deserves a kick in the bollocks

@juliettemxo ” #CheatingIsOkayIf ” is such a stupid trending topic. Stay faithful or stay single.

@CoolerHand_Luke #CheatingIsOkayIf you’re playin Monopoly. Take $300 for passing “Go” every now and then. Otherwise that game lasts 13 hours.

@TheMacGruber #CheatingIsOkayIf it’s with your dead wife’s ghost in a cemetery

@Freddy_E #CheatingIsOkayIf you want to be known as a terrible, disgusting, lying, manipulative, disloyal, untrustworthy human being.

@austinkeller #CheatingIsOkayIf it’s never okay to cheat. This is a horrible trend

@SonnOfAPrince #CheatingIsOkayIf if cheating was code for being loyal

@JackyBlack #CheatingIsOkayIf it never happens.

@southern_gentTN #CheatingIsOkayIf you want your girlfriend to turn into@Miranda_Lambert burn your house down and shoot you.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… good on you, Twitter peeps. I am proud of you, of us. But this does get me thinking: Why are we so quick to speak up against cheating, yet so slow to speak up for marriage?

That is another blog for another time. I must remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. So I choose to revel in our small victory. One small step toward fidelity and trust is one giant leap toward my shot at ever having a long, successful marriage.

I leave you with my favorite tweet on this trend, from none other than that sexy sultan of dance and star of both the original Step UpΒ film and its stimulating sequel Step Up 2: The Streets, Channing Tatum. (Ladies, can I get a collective Ooooh yeeeaaah?)