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Some days I wonder what would be
If I had constant company
One soul mate, one man, just one he
To make this she a wife

‘Cause now I do it all myself
I hammer nails, I install shelves
I change the oil, I don’t need help
It’s all just part of life

I earn my keep, I pay my bills
I clean the dust off windowsills
I handle bug and spider kills
I make my own mistakes

I carry all the groceries
I battle springtime allergies
I pick up from the pharmacy
And mend my body’s aches

But independence has its perks
I choose my town, I choose my work
I choose to dislike Captain Kirk
And keep remote in hand

I don’t fight over what to eat
Table for one, dessert for three
I am not judged by lil’ old me
I always understand

But there is one day out of eight
When I feel low and contemplate
What life would be with just one mate
One man to call my own

When moon comes up, when daytime’s dead
I crawl into my queen-size bed
Not like a queen, I feel instead
A pauper all alone

A tear escapes, a sigh unrolls
I reach out for a hand to hold
Lean in for an embrace to fold
Me up in arms of love

I find only a canyon wide
My heart, it falls down deep inside
I’m left alone, the moon so sly
She watches from above

Somehow in sleep my hope renews
His mercy fresh with morning’s dew
I wake to light, a day brand new
The healing gift of time

All by myself, yet not alone
A crowded life, a quiet home
A circle I can call my own
This single life of mine


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