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Today starts a long holiday weekend here in America. The air is already buzzing with excitement as everyone rushes to finish work duties and start the Memorial Day weekend festivities. So, for this fun Friday, I offer a “Fun Friday Post.” Hope it cheers you up!

One of my favorite things to do as a blogger is to analyze my blog stats. (If this makes me sound pathetic, I don’t care.) How many people read my blog post today? How many commented? Where do they live? Do they have blogs too? It’s gets me excited to learn about the community of people that take part in my writing. I’m humbled, really.

And then there are the statistics around search engine terms that lead to my blog. Now starts the good stuff, folks. You see, I expect to see people that type “Ruth Rutherford” or “I Kissed My Date Goodnight” into the Google search bar. They are clearly looking for my blog, and I love that! I’ll also take the many searches for “human barbie” or “Taylor Swift”… or even “Taylor Swift is hot.” She is, after all.

But the fun starts with those other search terms. You know, the ones that make you go hmmm. So, in this Fun Friday Post, I offer you a glimpse into my WordPress statistics page. I’ve combed through thousands and now present you with the best. Here are actual, unedited search terms that led people to my blog. And trust me, I’m sure many of these folks didn’t find what they were looking for.

On getting inked… 
    • matching tattoos for couples
    • matching tattoos for lovers 
    • ring tattoos for couples
    • Couples matching tattoos key and locket
    • matching boyfriend and girlfriend key tattoos
    • brother and sister matching tattoos
    • matching tattoos for couples that started dating on July 9th 2011
    • knitting tattoos
On old people…
    • beautiful old gray haired ladies
    • kissed elderly
    • crazy elderly
On couples that dress alike…
    • matching couple outfits
    • matching outfits for couples
    • matching shoes for couples
    • Coordinated outfits couples
On physical appearance…
    • elvis presley fat
    • small waist big boobs
    • Huge breasts small waist
    • huge implants thin waist
    • douchebags biceps
On butts…
    • Couple grabbing ass
    • Couples hand in butt pocket
On figuring out whether someone is interested in you…
    • if a guy likes you he will
    • if a man likes you he will
    • when a man likes you he will
    • if he liked me he would call
    • if a guy is into you he will call back
    • if a guy likes you when will he call you
    • does a guy not call even if he likes you?
    • will girl call if she likes you
    • how do you know from a phone call that a guy likes you?
    • how do i know if my date enjoyed himself
    • he probably likes you if
    • he will call eventually
    • If a guy likes you he will text you
On online dating…
    • online dating stupid
    • greatest things about online dating
    • online dating too judgmental
    • online dating pictures
    • embarrassed online dating
    • how many people with advanced degrees on online dating sites
On that art of texting…
    • is it ok to text goodnight to guy your dating?
    • good night tex for my date
    • i didn’t text goodnight
    • nervous about texting date
    • texting after a first match.com date
    • texting after being rejected
    • non-committal texting after first date
    • He text two weeks after our date
    • hanging on text back
    • what does it mean when a guy text “nice to hear from you”
    • serial texter
    • how to deal with a serial texter
    • its so hard to not text or call this guy i like
On rejection…
    • online dating why i don’t hear back
    • rejected after second date
    • Kissed on date no call
    • i asked her to coffee and she didn’t reply
On coffee…
    • two coffee dates or just friends
    • guy didn’t pay for coffee on coffee date
Just sad searches…
    • do you like me
    • do you friendship with me
    • i wish you can feel my feelings
    • i wish you’d kiss me
    • too fat for my date?
    • if a guy likes all your facebook posts
    • sometimes we hang out sometimes she flakes
    • Goodnight lonely people
Just pathetic searches…
    • how do you know if a married guy likes you
    • i have never felt sparks with my fiancé
    • i kissed my friend’s date
    • what to reply to a girl who ask you “are you calling me fat”
Borderline scary searches…
    • relentless dating
    • my date was naked
    • kissed my date goodnight now am really sick
Searches by people who have no clue how to use Google…
    • Distance is complicated. You could be so close yet so far away, it is more than the miles from point a and point b. & relationships.
Strangely targeted and personal searches…
    • Ruth seeking a tranquil marriage and home life
    • a marriage for ruth

I offer this list sans comments, because I believe it speaks for itself. Sound off in the comments section about which search terms caught your fancy! Also, are you a blogger with funny search term stories of your own? Do share!