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This week, I was pleasantly surprised and entertained by a video posted online, which I choose to share with you today as part of a fun Friday post. You’re welcome.

For anyone who has dated online or through a matchmaking service, you’re familiar with the tedious and repetitive nature of dating profiles. You have to fill them out, over and over again, somehow thinking of new and creative ways to describe yourself. But in the end, let’s be honest, they all end up sounding the same.

It seems that everyone:

  • is laid back and easy-going
  • loves staying active and working out
  • cares about their family
  • enjoys playing fetch with their dog
  • loves children
  • enjoys traveling and sightseeing

Boooooring. Tell me something to catch my attention already!

On cue, in walks SoFloDude86 with this dating profile video, which he bravely posted on YouTube. Enjoy.

When I first watched this, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This guy is nerdy, sweet in a bless-his-heart kinda way, and clearly no Tupac Shakur. But the response this video has received proves that he’s hitting more positive chords than negative ones.

With 115,000 views and counting, SoFloDude86’s video has been featured on several popular websites and TV shows. He makes no bones about the fact that he’s “looking for Miss Right,” specifically “at least 21 and in the SoFlo area code 954-561.” And he’s serious — so much so that he includes his personal email address for interested viewers.

Watch the video again. You may, like me, slowly become endeared toward this creative fellow. Other viewers sure are, evidenced by the 400+ “likes” he’s received, compared to only 10 “dislikes” (as of time of posting). What’s really telling are the comments. I’ve handpicked a few for your reading pleasure.

There are many, many positive comments:

This is pure genius. High five dude.

You had me at “We’ll go to Whole Foods.” You’re awesome. Good luck.

Swag level: MAXIMUM

joey milano
hot beat. period.

There are some gals who would date him:

Amber Laurio
OMG this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!! so creative and bold!!…. you are so cute, i wish i was in the 954 561 area code 🙂

LOL! This is great! Very creative and funny. Too bad i’m 4’10” or i would have sent an e-mail. Good luck 🙂

Some question his sexual orientation or his stance on incest:

Is he sure he wants a girl???

Why don’t you go out with that girl by the water fountain? I mean she’s right there or is that just your sister helping you out?

Some typical YouTube commenters are just mean:


And then there’s this guy, who leaves my favorite comment of all:

Man, I know your pain dude. I’m online dating too and the Asian chicks avoid me like the plague. It’s so hard because, first, you gotta be attracted to them, then you gotta pray they live near you, then you gotta pray some more that they think you’re attracted too, then you gotta pray that you guys are attracted to each other in REAL LIFE, cause pictures are not always good enough. I think I’m going to be single for life…it gets pretty depressing. Girls don’t even have to try on datingwebsites

At least he seems to be praying a lot.

So today, SoFloDude86, I thank you. Thank you for your creativity. Thank you for your guts. Thank you for doing something different in a world of mundane, cookie-cutter dating profiles.

Do I want to date you? No. Frankly, I don’t fit what you’re looking for. I’m not 5’5″-pretty-slender-and-polite, I prefer pesticide laced grapes over organic, and I would literally die if anyone ever hand-fed me peaches on a beach. We’re not soul mates, but I’d sure like to hang out with you for an afternoon. Preferably by a fountain with a dope beat playing in the background.