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Here’s another guest post I wrote for Single Roots, a fabulous online community for Christian singles. I love the unique approach that Single Roots takes, summed up in their tagline: You’re more than your dating life.

My guest post is about the struggle I’ve experienced with reading a particular blog. As a writer, I pour myself into my writing. It’s part of me — a little bit of Ruth that I share with the world every time I put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard. So you can imagine my joy when others read my words, when they comment, when they look forward to reading more. I imagine other writers feel the same.

And as a reader, I’ve got a long list of blogs I follow. I scan them every day and I get excited when new posts are published. But there’s a particular blog that I know I should read, but, for whatever reason, I find it difficult. It’s God’s very message to each of us — the Bible. I know I should read it. I know it’s the very breath of life that I need to grow, to learn, to truly live. I know all of this, but, living in 2012, sometimes it’s just difficult.

Today’s post talks about this struggle. If you, too, wrestle with the practice of reading your Bible and praying each day, I hope my words can encourage you in some small way today. If you don’t normally read the Bible, why not give it a try? I know it’s a big book and may seem daunting. Just start small. Start with the book of John. Read a few verses. Take it in. God has something to say to you today.

Read the entire post on the Single Roots website by clicking here.