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I’m super excited to announce another guest post that I’ve written. This time it’s for RELEVANT Magazine’s website. I’m a big fan of both the print and online versions of RELEVANT — a magazine that reaches over 800,000 readers a month. In their own words, the stories they tell are “at the intersection of faith and culture — the places where life really is lived.”

The magazine is geared toward twenty- and thirty-something Christians seeking God and striving to impact the world. Subjects include spirituality, church, relationships, art/music/films/books, and culture, among others. RELEVANT Media Group’s purpose is to “impact culture and give voice to what God is doing in and through our generation.”

Cool beans!

My guest post is about finding a church… and then finding a way to fit in at a church. The whole process can be exhausting and awkward, right? And as a single, it’s even worse! At least the married folks have each other; I have to go it alone. I sometimes wonder where I plug in to the big machine. “I’m too old for the singles group, too single for the married group, too in control of my bladder for the elderly group.”

But maybe, just maybe, it’s not about me after all.

Read the entire post on the RELEVANT Magazine website by clicking here.