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Today I’m proud to play a small part in a really cool blog. I wrote a guest post for Single Roots, a fabulous online community for Christian singles. I love the unique approach that Single Roots takes, summed up in their tagline: You’re more than your dating life.

Isn’t that a fabulous concept? Yes, I’m single. But here’s hoping I’ve got more going for me than just a naked ring finger on my left hand. The holistic approach found at Single Roots incorporates all aspects of the single life, such as career, spiritual growth, relationships, church, ministry, and stewardship.

And don’t worry… they definitely throw in the fun, wacky, interesting dating stuff, too.

My guest post is about my recent change in career. It wasn’t exactly an easy decision to change jobs and job industries, but I’m thankful. “I embrace the opportunity. Because it’s not an opportunity that everyone has.”

Read the entire post on the Single Roots website by clicking here.