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I spent this past weekend in Baltimore at a Beth Moore conference with a few friends. It’s funny how being in an arena filled with more than 5,000 giddy, giggly women can make you really want a man.

Beth Moore spoke about the various “nets” we may be tangled up in—nets of shame, doubt and unhealthy relationships. And, more importantly, how we can get out from under those nets to cast nets of our own—Gospel nets that will capture people in the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

Sitting there in that huge, cold arena, I couldn’t help but glance around at all the other women. They really do come in every shape, size and processed hair color! Fashion trends ranged from slinky tube dresses and high-heeled boots to traditional Amish attire. Many women were pregnant or carrying around infants, and I can only assume most were married based solely on how much the stage lights glimmered off their diamond rings. (It was blinding, really.) In fact, I came with three married friends myself.

Then, somewhere in the middle of being challenged by Beth Moore’s teaching and counting how many scrunchies I could spot from my seat, I heard something that caught my ear — a prophecy of sorts from Beth Moore, seemingly aimed directly at me.

She was reading from Luke 5, the theme chapter for the weekend. And somewhere in verse 10 I heard the most encouraging, insightful, Spirit-filled promise I’d heard in years.

“Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men.”

Some people may wonder how you know God is speaking directly to you. Let me tell you… you just know! And when he does, you’ve gotta accept it!

Name it and claim it, ladies! I know I did!

I walked out of that arena with my head held high. In a group of 5,000+ women, the odds of me catching men were slim. But as I walked the chilly streets of Baltimore that afternoon, I looked directly into the eyes of every businessman, bus driver and homeless man I passed… and I held tight to my new favorite promise.

I will catch men.

I’m off to Cancun first thing tomorrow morning. So, Mexican hombres… cuidado! I’ve already packed a net in my carry-on.