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As you’d imagine, I tried just about every tip to calm my nerves before my date this past Saturday. But after a high-energy solo dance party, a relaxing pedicure and 15 minutes of deep breathing, my heart was still beating fast. Once “the Pilot” and I met, though, I quickly realized that all the fancy nerve-calming techniques weren’t really necessary. His smile (complete with killer dimples!) made me feel like we’d known each other forever, and I suddenly felt at ease.

It was a sweet, simple first date. A leisurely stroll across downtown D.C. followed by a casual meal filled with great, unforced conversation. Lots of stories about his flying expeditions, my writing (though, not about this blog, of course), and our various world travels to everywhere from Mozambique to Australia.

Throughout the date, he was a true Richard Gere-esque gentleman. He paid for the meal, opened doors, and walked me home. It was refreshing. And the truth is, whether or not he was attracted to me or felt any chemistry, I know he would have treated me well regardless—simply because he is a gentleman.

Then yesterday, still riding high on the euphoric first-date feeling, I made the mistake of watching an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which I’m quickly learning is a reality show that lives completely outside of reality. In this episode, the dysfunctional family shows their true colors on a trip to Bora Bora.

Kim and Rob spend most of their time fighting and name-calling—yelling everything from “loser” to “whore” while lounging at a beautiful tropical resort. Then Kourtney—who finds herself in yet another fight with her boyfriend and baby daddy, Scott—calls him a loser “because it drives him crazy,” to which he responds by storming out and yelling a load of profanities.

Surprisingly, the one person (apart from me) who is shocked by the lack of respect is Kim’s boyfriend, pro basketballer Kris. You can see how disgusted he is as he witnesses the complete lack of respect his future family has for one another—and all for better TV ratings and sponsorship deals. Kris confronts each of them, naively thinking he can change the Kardashian “Klan.” The truth is, this family has never respected one another. They are more concerned about money and fame than anything else—spearheaded by their mom agent, Kris Jenner. And no matter how Ryan Seacrest edits it, the dysfunction shines through.

After wasting an hour of my life watching this garbage, I think back to the Pilot. He would never talk to me, or anyone, with such a lack of respect. It makes me smile, because it’s nice to know there are still some gentlemen in the world.

And for all my single ladies who are settling for jerks that don’t call them back, who drag them along, cheat, or resort to relationships based on text messages… guess what? There are still good guys out there. Yes, they may be few and far between, but they’re out there.

For every 10 moocher-couch-potatoes like Rob Kardashian… and for every 12 metro-alcoholic-ego-maniacs like Scott Disick, there is most likely, probably, almost certainly one great guy. Although it’s easier to settle for the Robs and Scotts of the world, you and I deserve better. And it’s up to us to wait and find out just how much better that can be.

Here’s hoping for a second date with the Pilot. And for E! to not pick up The Kardashians for another season.