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Today officially ends Baby Tour 2011. Holy diapers.

I packed up my car and drove home to New Jersey this past weekend, back home to visit my parents. I coordinated the timing with my great friend Tamara who was also visiting her family and would be nearby. With her baby boy who, at 10 months old, literally poses for the camera. Adorable!

And my sweet friend Rosina just moved back to Jersey. With her newborn boy and two older kids, who love when I make the same funny faces over and over and over (and over).

And my longtime friend Julia who just had her first — a 3-week-old girl. (Possibly the smallest baby I’ve ever seen!)

And my friend and childhood neighbor Natalie has a 10 month old girl, who already has the running skills of Bruce Jenner. (No, seriously, get this girl into track and field!)

As you can imagine, my weekend conversations were absolutely stimulating. Topics ran the gamut between breast feeding, pumping, the ability to “latch on,” diaper leaks, formula, spit up and burping.

(Miracle alert: I just lost my appetite.)

I’m a single gal, and though I should be focused on finding the right guy to date and eventually marry… I can’t help myself. I’ll scream it from the mountaintop: I want a baby!

There. I said it. The four words that will, without fail, scare away any potential boyfriend faster than Charlie Sheen destroyed his career.

I can’t help it! They’re just so cute and cuddly… and squirmy and smelly. And I can literally feel my uterus skip a beat everytime I hold one in my arms.

Don’t worry. I don’t plan on starring in an episode of Sixteen Thirty and Pregnant. I don’t plan on pulling a Brangelina and adopting from foreign lands (…yet). I do understand that I am still considered “young” by most, and many women get married and have babies in their thirties and forties.

Still doesn’t change the fact that I want one.

I just might refrain from mentioning it in such detail on a first (or fourth) date, that’s all.

Got any other tips on what single ladies shouldn’t reveal on the first date?